Development Activities

In order to help the children to achieve their learning goals and better quality of life, Border Patrol Police Schools have undertaken development activities in accordance with HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Initiative since 1980. These development activities have been carried out as parts of school curriculum (by integrating in eight learning areas), as additional courses, or as learner development activities.

Main Goal 1 :

to promote nutrition and health from the beginning of life

Main Goal 2 :

to promote the increase in educational opportunities for children and youth

Main Goal 3 :

 to enhance children and youth’s potential in academics and ethical issues

Main Goal 4 :

to enhance children and youth’s vocational potential

Main Goal 5 :

 to raise awareness and to develop children and youth’s potential in the conservation of natural resources and environment

Main Goal 6 :

to enhance children and youth’s potential in conserving and carrying on local culture and wisdom

Main Goal 7 :

 to expand development from schools to communities

Main Goal 8 :

to transform schools into knowledge service centers