Border Patrol Police (BPP) School alumni as individuals or as groups play many important roles for the better quality of life of young generations as well as their families and communities.



A Border Patrol Police Teacher Development Project

Each year, about 70 alumni are positioned as teachers in BPP schools. From 1993 up to the present, there are about 1,600 alumni who become teachers in their hometown. Some alumni are now school principals. These alumni continue HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s programs for the development of children and young people in addition to instructing course material. They have tried to extend benefits of the program to the communities where they live in.

Here are some examples:

Border Patrol Police School Alumni Clubs

Border Patrol Police School Alumni Clubs are created and run by alumni aimed at providing greater opportunities for alumni to connect and to join together in supporting their own schools and communities and other public services in several ways such as renovating buildings, building school fences, big cleaning day for improving school environment, constructing teachers’ dormitory, etc.

Here are some examples:

Occupational Groups

Alumni gathered themselves with other community members to develop their careers as occupational groups in the communities.

Here is an example:

At Kamaphado village, Tha Songyang District, Tak Province, a Kamaphado weaving group with 35 Pakakayor (Karen hill tribe) women was established in 2006. A group emphasizes on hill tribe “Pakakayor” ’s natural dye handwoven fabric. Two alumni from Kamaphado Border Patrol Police School who are members of the group, have helped the group with their skills gained during their study in school. One is the treasurer of the group and coordinates with the government officials. Another one is better educated than others.  She can read and write Thai well.

Young Farmers

The numbers of BPP school alumni has turned themselves to be new generation farmers, though they graduated in other fields such as engineers, accountings, administration, social development, physical education etc. Knowledge, skills and good attitudes in environmentally friendly agriculture they earned in their childhoods in BPP schools have helped them a lot in this new career path.

List of Border Patrol Police School Alumni-New generation farmers who are making a success of running farms (in Thai)